Laghi’s Deli is still open!

As per our post on Tuesday, Laghi’s Deli will remain open until such time that it no longer becomes feasible to do so, a time that will hopefully not come to fruition!

We are taking all necessary precautions, such as making more space in the restaurant and providing hand sanitiser etc, and we expect you to do the same before visiting 👍

But, do keep visiting, and we look forward to seeing you in the coming days, including to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend.

We are still working on a tailored take-away / delivery menu, but if you would like anything in the meantime call 0121 455 0660 or 07428 144 621 and we will he happy to help.

Or, if you are planning ahead, email with your requirements and Luca will give you a quote and make arrangements.

Thank you, and stay well xx 🇮🇹