Our main restaurant menu is available every day, Monday to Sunday.

As an Italian Restaurant it is our custom to cook pasta ‘al dente’ – please advise your
server if you would like it cooked differently.


Pane E Olive £4.50
Selection of Italian bread served with balsamic vinegar, olive oil & olives

Soup of the Day £5.99
With homemade bread

Tris Di Bruschette £6.99
Trio of mixed Bruschette

Prosciutto E Melone £8.50
Parma ham with melon & homemade bread

Tortino Al Parmigiano £8.50
Warm parmesan cake with a melting centre & crispy Parma Ham

Caprese £9.50
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato & basil, drizzled with our famous extra virgin olive oil

Tagliere Misto £8.50
Special cheese & charcuterie board with homemade bread & olives (for 1 person)

Cuoppo Napoletano £8.99
Fried mix with mozzarella, olives with beef mince & custard

Mezzo Metro Pizza – a giant pizza to share!
Margherita £22.00
Add three ingredients – £26.00


Seafood dishes – we have daily fresh fish & seafood specials. Please ask your server for details

Tagliatella Alla Bolognese £9.95
Italian pasta with our homemade beef ragù

Gnocchi £11.50
Potato dumplings with cream, porcini mushrooms, gorgonzola, cheese & walnuts

Pasta Alla Norma £12.50
Pasta with tomato sauce, ricotta cheese & friend aubergine

Carbonara £9.95
Mezze maniche pasta with Italian guanciale, eggs, parmesan & pecorino
(will not be boiling hot as the egg is not meant to be cooked)

Fagotto £11.95
Handmade ravioli with ricotta cheese & spinach with butter & sage

Pasta Al Salmone £14.99
Pasta with salmon, cream, vodka & parsley

Agnello £16.95
Welsh lamb chops with spinach pie & mixed salad

Filetto Di Manzo £21.95
10oz beef steak with balsamic vinegar & parmesan flakes served with roasted potatoes & mixed salad

Anatra £15.99
Duck with orange, potato pie & fresh seasonal vegetables


Chips £4

Fried custard cream £4.50

Garlic pizza bread £4.99

Garlic pizza bread with cheese £5.99

Fresh side salad £3.50

Roasted potatoes £3.50

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