Every business has to start somewhere……..and Laghi’s started far earlier than you’d imagine.

My earliest memory of my passion started at four years old, standing on a stool and helping my mother make pasta at the kitchen table.

From that point, I was hooked.

Whilst my career took an alternative path I always knew that if I had the opportunity, I’d hope to work with food as my family have for many years. As an Italian, it’s in my DNA! I am so lucky to have supportive friends and family behind me, as they’ve encouraged my passion and helped bring Laghi’s to fruition.

So here it is, an award-winning restaurant no less, and I really hope you’ll see that this has been borne from a love of food and cooking for others, and enjoying the culture of great food and wine. My aim is to bring a little taste of Bologna to Birmingham.

Happily I’m still making pasta with my mum today (although I no longer need the stool!).

Join us for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner or drop by for an aperitif after work and check out our deli range.

I’ve taken real care to ensure we have the best ingredients from Italy and I’m really proud to be able to offer them to you.

We hope to see you soon.

Buon Appetito

Luca xx